Make a regular donation to Moorside Fields Community Group by hitting the circle above.

For the cost of a £5.00 bottle of wine every month for a year, you will be donating £60.00 in a year without any pain at all.  In fact whilst you are sacrificing your little of wine, go for a walk on Moorside Fields - look at nature - it will do you doubly good 🙂

Make a single donation to Moorside Fields Community Group and be part of the Moorside Fields history.

The Law has agreed on four occasions already that the land is a Town Green.  Help us to ensure that decision is upheld and the land will be there for the enjoyment of local people forever.

The choice is not fence or field:  The choice is field or development of a primary school.  Which do you want?


If you are feeling a bit thwarted by the technology, just drop us an email with your query and we shall provide a step by step guide to help you part with your money: